Formerly Instant Dent Repair, I.D.R.

Our Car Dent Repair Services

A shopping cart rammed your car door and left a dent?
No problem! We can fix a door ding while you wait!

Kids dented your SUV playing ball?
We’ll get that dent taken care of for you today!

Getting ready to turn in your lease, and don’t want to pay a Lease Turn-In Fee?
Paintless Dent Repair can take care of wear-and-tear so you aren’t penalized!

Paintless Dent Repair uses specialized hand tools to take out auto dents, with no harsh chemicals, surface grinding, or paint, so you pay a fraction of the cost of an auto body shop.

Customers are amazed when they watch a dent that has bothered them disappear before their eyes! We have an open shop policy and invite you to stay while your vehicle is being repaired because Paintless Dent Repair is an experience to watch! Our climate controlled Shop has comfortable chairs and WiFi, and you are welcome to stay and watch, ask any questions you like, and get your vehicle looking new again while you wait. If you prefer to drop your vehicle off, it will be ready by day’s end for pick up.

We are happy to work with individuals, insurance companies, wholesalers, body shops and dealerships.

Our Services Include:

  • Dents & Creases
  • Hail & Acorn Damage
  • Door & Panel Dents
  • Shopping Cart Damage & Dings
  • Dealer Services

Use Paintless Dent Repair to fix up your vehicle – and ride with pride again!

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Dents & Creases
Hail & Acorn Damage
Door Dents & Dings
Lease Turn-In
Dealer Services