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Dent Removal FAQ

Our services differ dramatically from repairs done at a typical body shop. The instant and unobtrusive nature of Paintless Dent Repair can bring your vehicle back to the shiny finish you love, and doesn’t detract from its value like body shop repairs do!

Below are some of the questions we receive most frequently. Remember, we’re just a phone call away – so please contact us to ask your questions!

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

PDR is a highly-skilled process in which dents and creases are removed from an automobile’s exterior without the need of traditional body shop repairs. The PDR process involves the use of custom designed dent removal tools that are applied to the inside skin of a vehicle’s sheet metal. PDR is the crafted art of repairing the dent without using paint, primer or Bondo for repairs.

PDR is a metal-working art that uses specially-designed steel rod hand tools to remove body damage. Dents and creases are accessed from behind the body panel, usually without requiring its removal. This minimally invasive process allows the skilled technician to apply gentle pressure to key area of the dent and slowly bring the concave area back out to the surface plane, basically turning it inside-out!

How long does it take to repair the damage?

Most damage can be repaired in less than hour depending on size and location of damage. We take care of the majority of repairs in the same day.

Who came up with the PDR concept?

Auto manufacturers developed a way to repair small damages at the assembly plants, and over time used car dealers realized how much this would improve the resale value of vehicles on the lot so they trained technicians in the same skills.

Can you repair any dent?

While we can repair any dent, if there is compromised or chipped paint, edge damage, or deep creases we can’t make them completely go away. We can remove the dent, but the paint touch-up will still have to be completed elsewhere. Contrary to misconception, body-line dents are fixable with PDR!

How much does a repair cost in comparison to what a body shop would charge?

 Cost per panel starts at $165.00, for average damages. Average damages would be dents smaller than a baseball, with one major dent in the panel. If a panel has numerous dents, or large dents, or disassembly is required, then additional charges would apply. A hail or acorn damaged roof always presents a unique set of dents, and requires a more sophisticated estimating process. Please call to make an appointment, and we can give you an estimate while you wait.

FYI, a body shop repair typically begin at $350.00, and goes up significantly from there.

Does my auto insurance cover Paintless Dent Repair?

It depends on your deductible amount. We work with all major insurance carriers, and are happy to meet with you and your agent/adjuster at the Shop to prepare your estimate.

Does PDR diminish the value of my vehicle? Will my repair be reported so that it shows up on Carfax if someone looks up my vehicle?

Most repairs completed at The Dent Shop do not require dismantling of body panels, and they do not involve redoing any painted finishes; therefore, your factory paint and part warranties are not affected.  When body shop work involves these more invasive repair measures, the repair is reported and the corresponding manufacturer guarantee is voided.

Do all inner panels need to be removed to do repairs?

No – About 95% of vehicles do not need any panels removed to be fixed. Vehicles with double-paned glass do require special care.

Can motorcycle tanks, garage doors, trailers, etc. be repaired?

Unfortunately, we only repair automobiles.

Can’t I just buy ‘Pop-A-Dent’ and do this myself?

There are plenty of YouTube videos showing the use of dry ice and magnets, and infomercials that tout products such as glue kits that make repairing your own dents look easy. The old saying still holds, “if it looks too good to be true…” While professionals do use various methods, their experience is what makes the difference to have your dent repaired and not damage the paint surface or make a problem worse.

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